In July of 2010, SCC acquired a building in the community to pursue a unique goal: we wanted a building that would be used more by the community than by the church, a place where the community and SCC could live and breathe together.  One of the needs identified over the years in Saline was for a Teen Center, and growing out of our desire to care for the students of Saline, we decided to purchase the building on the corner of Willis and Saline-Milan Roads to use as a shared space with The 5th Corner Teen Center.  We moved in this direction with the belief that we can do more together than we can alone.  In light of this unique adventure we usually get two questions:


First, people have asked, “Why is the building called the 5th Corner and not Saline Community Church?”  

When we looked to purchase a building we did not want it to sit empty most of the week.  We do not believe the church is a building, but, rather, people, and so the building is just a tool to help facilitate our church as well as other groups.  We also meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.  Every Sunday morning we set up before our gathering @ 10:07 a.m. and then tear everything down after so that the building is ready to be used by The 5th Corner Teen Center and our community throughout the week.  We also have other individuals and groups that use the building for meetings, music lessons, graduation parties, birthday parties, plays/dramas and other events.  We love that the building is used by our community.  If you are interested in renting the building please connect with us through the contact page.  In reality, we see ourselves as the church that meets at the 5th Corner building.


Second, people have asked,  “Is the 5th Corner Teen Center part of the church?”

The 5th Corner Teen Center is NOT part of Saline Community Church in any organizational capacity.  It is a fully separate 501(c)(3) that is governed by an Administrative Board made up of community members.  We share the building.  We believe in what they are doing and how they are making a difference in the lives of the middle and high school students.  The Teen Center offers some great opportunities such as after-school events, art classes, leadership development, high school band concerts, music lessons, Friday @ the 5th, Job Training and much more.  We would encourage you to check out their website ( and Facebook page ( to learn more about them.  The Teen Center is free to students, and is funded and operated by personal donations, grants and gifts from generous people and organizations in our community and region.