Core Values

Why we do what we do


Core Values

Why we do what we do

Our Mission

Sharing a journey from self-reliance toward a life-changing dependence on Christ that sets us free to make a difference in our community.

Our Core Values

Four core values, shown below, guide the rhythm of life as SCC family.

Laying Down Roots

We experience an environment where people in the midst of a transient community have a sense of belonging, and do life together while walking out their journey in Jesus Christ.

This is revealed by:

  • Smaller environments that we believe are central to sharing LIFE in community.
  • Supporting each other when life is easy and when it is not!
  • Experiencing relationships where we can know and be known by each other.
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Truth Matters

We experience an environment where the truth is not just embraced in what we teach but more importantly in how we live.

This is revealed by:

  • Exploring God's Word in a way that speaks to everyday life, not just passing on information.
  • Placing a high priority on the authority of God's Word and the central importance of Jesus Christ.
  • Exploring God's Word to reveal truth about who God is and our relationship with Him.
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Beyond Our Doors

We experience an environment where we care deeply enough to make a difference in the community and world around us.

This is revealed by:

  • Releasing leaders to impact Saline, Washtenaw County, Michigan/Northwest Ohio, and the world.
  • Engaging in local and regional ministry that is outside of our church body for the sake of making a difference for our neighbors.
  • Joining the mission of the C&MA all over the world through sending, giving, praying and going.
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Breaking Free

We experience an environment where people can walk in their new life in Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit who has restored our true identity as sons and daughters of God.

This is revealed by:

  • Authenticity - We are not better than anyone else nor do we try to put on that show. We seek to create an environment where people are accepted for who they are.
  • Exposing Deception - Each of us operates out of some form of deception and lies that we have come to believe through our experiences and assumptions about life.  We believe that Christ is our only hope of exposing those deceptions so that we can know who we are in Him.
  • Identity - Our identity in Christ is central to our new life in Him.  Our desire is not for people to understand a good concept of identity but rather to KNOW the person of Christ who has restored their identity.
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Our church is a member of the C&MA. We hold to the The Alliance Doctrinal Statement.


Our Core Environments

Four key spaces to encounter Christ and each other

Our Core Environments

Four key spaces to encounter Christ and each other


…who God is and who we are in Christ.

DeepER LIFE Groups

We have men's and women's groups that meet together for deeper conversations about life, family, relationships and God.






…with a community to encounter Jesus Christ


Sunday mornings

Sunday morning is a special time when we gather as a family to celebrate our life in Christ together and be reminded of who we are in Christ.  It is not a place of "3 Steps to Better Parenting" or "4 Ways to Make Your Marriage Great"; rather, it is a place where we uncover the amazing mystery of Christ in us!




…with people and partner with God to expand His Kingdom.


BEyond our Doors (Sunday)

Each quarter we take one Sunday and pause from our regular gathering at 10:07 a.m. and go into our community to serve our neighborhood and community. The projects we do are designed so that all generations can participate together and serve along side one another.

Saline Social Services

We support Saline Social Services throughout the year with them as needs arise in our community. 





…to a family of people who share life with one another.


Prayer @ 9:15 (every Sunday)

Every Sunday we meet in the basement at the 5th Corner for a time of prayer for our SCC family, community and world.  

Round table series

Through out the year we shift from our chairs being in rows to setting up round tables for people to sit around on the Sunday morning for 4-6 weeks.  This is an intentional time of hearing a sermon and interacting around the table for conversation, prayer and encouragement.