Join us on the journey.



Join us on the journey.

Our Invitation...

NEVER been to church?  Went as a kid because you were FORCED to? SWORE you’d never go back?  We want to invite you to a DIFFERENT type of community.

We’re not into programs, hype, or perfect APPEARANCES.
We’re into JESUS, relationships, and walking through
the good, the bad, and the MESSY of life TOGETHER.
If you’re interested in REAL people with real STORIES, we might be the place for YOU.

We invite you to check us out, build friendships and enter into a conversation about LIFE in a relaxed atmosphere.  Come and join us on Sunday mornings at 10:07am.

In Christ,

Pastor Peter Rufener



Answers to common questions


Answers to common questions

Common Questions



When and where do you meet?

We meet Sunday mornings from 10:07 to 11:17 with a time for coffee and connecting afterwards.  We're located @ the 5th Corner Building on 211 Willis Road in Saline.


Will I be expected to give money if I come?

No. The offering we take each Sunday is given by those who consider Saline Community Church their church home.  We recognize that guilt, obligation and pressure are used to in the church to get people to give to build bigger buildings and more programs .  This is not how we approach giving.


What kind of worship style do you have?

We have a Worship team made up of the keyboard, drums, guitars and singers. You can expect to sing current contemporary praise and worship songs - as well as some hymns from time to time.


What should I wear to church?

You'll find a wide range of styles at Saline Community Church, from jeans to dress pants for men and jeans to dresses for women. What you wear is not important. You won't be judged by your style of clothing. Instead, you'll be welcomed because you decided to come!


Is childcare provided?

Nursery (newborn through age 2): A nursery is provided each week during the worship service. Our purpose is to serve little ones by providing a safe, loving, fun and comfortable environment and to give them a wonderful first impression of God and His Church. A core team of screened adults cares for the children, and teen helpers assist.


What can my children do at SCC?

Our children's ministry seeks to assist families in introducing their children to the person of Jesus. We have adults who value and invest in our children. Our approach is very down to earth, coming alongside each child as he or she encounters Christ.

On Sunday mornings, our Nursery and Preschool kids meet in their classrooms throughout the worship service (10:07-11:17). Children in Kindergarten-5th grades start in the worship gathering for the first part, then are dismissed with their teacher to their class right before the sermon.   

What is available for teenagers at SCC?

During the school year, the youth group (6th through 12th Grade) meets every Sunday night @ the 5th Corner.  We focus on 4 different environments.  

BIG SERVE: Students go out and serve in our community every 6-8 weeks.

HUDDLE: Students meet w/ engaged adults and peers to grow in Christ.

PARTY: We seek to create some fun times for students to just be teenagers.

RETREAT: We offer a a local retreat in the fall and a district retreat in winter.

As we interact with students it is our desire to have FUN not entertain, build RELATIONSHIPS not programs, and KNOW Jesus not religion.



How do I get involved at SCC?

We encourage you to come and focus on building relationships.  As that grows we want to come alongside and join with you in finding your passion.


I'm not sure what to think about Jesus and church. Why should I come to SCC?

We believe that the church should be the place that you can go to seek out truth and find answers to your questions. We do not motivate by guilt or try to shove the Bible down your throat. We believe that questioning and doubting spiritual beliefs is important and a critical part of our journey with God. We do not expect you to come and believe just like us or else you can't belong, but rather to come and seek out the claims of Christ and engage with a community of faith in our journey for truth.


I haven't been to church in a long time. Is it OK to visit SCC?

It would be great to have you visit. We encourage people to come at least three times to get a good feel for who we are. We believe that you will find SCC to be a place where you can connect and journey with God and others. We are not a perfect place, but rather a place where people can be real and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  We find that the people that are drawn into our community are people who have never been in church, people who went to church as a kid but have not gone since being a teenager, people who have had bad experiences with church and people who have moved to the area looking to lay down roots. 


Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

At SCC we offer a lively and engaging environment for Children where they can learn and experience the love of Jesus.

We have three different age groups that kids are engaged in:

  1. Nursery (Birth-2 years old)
  2. Preschool (2-5 years old)
  3. Kindergaten-5th Grade


The Nursery

Our nursery is staffed by a SCC adult who has committed to love and care for our little ones. We have a cozy space with lots of toys where the children connect with each other and have fun!


Preschool Room

The Preschool Room is staffed by Ms. Traci who loves to draw! She reads a bible story each week while the children enjoy a snack. A coloring sheet is provided that corresponds to the weekly story. There are toys, puzzles, art supplies, and a sensory table to enjoy!



Children in grades Kindergarten-5th grade begin the service upstairs with their families. After worship music, they are dismissed to GATHER downstairs. A teacher, along with a teen helper, lead the children through 3 stations to explore the curriculum. 

  • DISCOVER Station - All the children gather to greet one another and recap the previous lesson, then listen to the new story
  • CONNECT Station - The children use a worksheet or game to further discuss the current story and connect the content to their own experiences. 
  • BELONG Station - The children work together on a group project or individually on a craft while visiting with friends to relate to the weekly story and strengthen relationships

The K-5 students enjoy 4 organized events over the year: A missions centered Valentine's project, an Easter celebration, an end of summer gathering, and a Happy Birthday, Jesus! party.